How to repair damaged concrete

How to repair damaged concrete with Blue Circle Cement

When repairing damaged concrete using Blue Circle Cement, we recommend the following steps. This advice is designed to offer a general guide to help you create a strong and durable base for your patio.


2+ hours


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Safe working

Working safely on any project is the most important thing. Here are a few tips to keep you safe.

Ensure you have the 'hands-on' skills to take on the project

Always read the label on the product packaging before starting

Always follow the product safety guidance before starting

Ensure you have the correct protective clothing for the job

Always be visible in your workspace

Materials and tools required for this job:



Watering can (with rose)

Stiff brush

Metal hand pick axe

Plastic sheeting

Safety gear

Online guide: How to repair damaged concrete

Remember to follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear, including gloves and safety glasses, when working with cement. Additionally, always check and follow the specific instructions provided by the Blue Circle cement manufacturer. Using our guidance is your own responsibility.

Step 1

Prepare the Damaged Area
Remove any loose or crumbling concrete using a pick and brush then brush away any debris.

Wet the damaged area with water before applying the concrete repair mix. This helps improve the bond between the existing concrete and the new repair material.

Step 2

Apply the Repair Concrete
Pour the Blue Circle Quick Repair mix into the damaged area. Spread and level the mix then sprinkle water over, allowing it to soak in but not puddle.

Step 3

Finish the Surface
If the existing concrete has a specific texture, try to match it when applying the repair mix. You can use a trowel, texture roller or a sponge to achieve different finishes.

Clean your tools promptly after finishing to prevent any material from hardening on them.

Step 4

The new quick set concrete will cure in about 30 minutes. Re-wet the repair after 2 hours using the watering can.

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