How to mix concrete

How to mix concrete with Blue Circle Cement

When mixing concrete using Blue Circle Cement, we recommend the following steps. This advice is designed to offer a general guide to help you create a strong and durable base for your patio.


2+ hours


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Safe working

Working safely on any project is the most important thing. Here are a few tips to keep you safe.

Ensure you have the 'hands-on' skills to take on the project

Always read the label on the product packaging before starting

Always follow the product safety guidance before starting

Ensure you have the correct protective clothing for the job

Always be visible in your workspace

Materials and tools required for this job:

Blue Circle Cement

Building sand

20mm gravel


Concrete mixer

Water measuring container




Safety gear

Wooden mixing board

Safety gear

Online guide: How to mix concrete

Remember to follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear, including gloves and safety glasses, when working with cement. Additionally, always check and follow the specific instructions provided by the Blue Circle cement manufacturer. Using our guidance is your own responsibility.

Step 1

Measure the Dry Materials
For a standard concrete use one bag of Blue Circle Mastercrete cement mixed with two bags of building sand and three bags of 20mm gravel. Always double check the recommended material ratios from instructions on the bag.

Step 2

Mixing Concrete Using a Mixer

When using a mixer ensure it is sited on firm, level ground. Pour in half the sand, gravel and water and most of the cement. Once combined, gradually add the remainder of the materials.

Mix the concrete for 3-5 minutes until uniform in consistency and colour before pouring. Avoid any build up of dry materials on the mixer blades. Always clean out the mixer after use.

Step 3

Mixing Concrete by Hand
Using a clean mixing board measure out the sand, gravel and and cement as per the proportions on the Mastercrete cement bag and mix dry until well blended.

Forming a crater in the centre add some of the water, pulling the dry material inwards onto the water and mix together.

Be sure to add all the water as per the instructions and mix thoroughly until uniform in consistency and colour before laying the concrete.

Once fully mixed, use the concrete promptly to ensure optimum workability.

Clean your tools promptly after finishing to prevent any material from hardening on them.

Step 4

Blue Circle Ready-to-Use Range
As an alternative to mixing separate materials you can use any of the pre-mixed, ready-to-use Blue Circle concretes or mortars straight from the bag by just adding water.