Women in Construction, Beth Skinner Part Two

Part 2 of our chat with Beth Skinner, this time we asked the bricklayer about creating content for her YouTube channel and where does she see herself in ten years time.

How did you start creating content and any advice for someone thinking of posting their own work?

Sometimes people overthink the content they’re putting on social media and you can never really know how people will react unless you start posting. Back in December 2019 I started uploading content onto LinkedIn, I created posts showcasing work I’d completed in my apprenticeship with great detail attached to them. They got a few reactions but nothing major.

On Christmas Eve I uploaded a 13 second video onto LinkedIn of me spreading a bed of mortar and a 2-3-minute video of me laying bricks. In less than a week the 13 second video received 250k views, thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments which I could not believe.

I think when you’re creating content you just have to be brave and post it. Getting started is the most difficult because you worry about comments and opinions, but you just have to see past that and look at the bigger picture of what your content will achieve.

Who inspires you and your work?

Mainly the people who inspire me are the people I work with everyday or the people who are willing to teach me. Those people inspire me to push myself and always be better than I was the day before.

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

In ten years’ time I see myself owning my own home and having my own business. Travelling around, meeting new people and having the freedom to build and work for myself. I love working on site and the atmosphere there but I would like to create my own stamp on things and have freedom to design and work with customers.

I would also love to travel to different countries to experience different cultures and to lay bricks in different parts of the world. That would be the ultimate lifetime dream for me.

Check out Beth’s YouTube channel here.