Why you should consider hiring an apprentice

Thinking about hiring a new person and considering an apprentice? We’ve outlined below some of the advantages of taking on an apprentice for tradespeople…

Develop the skills of your team

Hiring an apprentice provides the chance for other team members to take on extra responsibility and even allowing them to develop leadership and team management skills. Also, having an extra pair of hands means there is more help for labour intense jobs so other members have time to do work which requires their expertise.

Valuable team member

A bonus of hiring an apprentice is you’re training someone from the very beginning of their career meaning you’ll get the opportunity to mould them to your business needs – no bad habits or retraining required! Apprentices have days off site learning new skills, this knowledge is then transferred to your team and can help fill any skills gaps you may have. As apprentices will have the most recent training, they may have new ideas of doing things faster and easier which can help save money.

Also, some apprentices aren’t always just starting out in their first job, there are a lot of people transferring skills and knowledge from other industries and simply retraining on apprenticeships.

Helps your community and trade

You’re not only giving employment in your local area, but you’re also helping to secure the future of your trade.

“30% of UK construction workers are aged 50+, meaning there could be a shortage of experienced construction workers in the next 10 years” – Open Access Government – How apprentices contribute to the UK’s Construction industry

With this, you’re helping shape the next generation of tradespeople and teaching them best practice on the job.


You’re not only adding a valuable team member and providing employment but you’re going to reap the personal reward of helping someone else gain experience. You can feel good knowing you’ve added value to your industry.

Have you hired an apprentice? If so, share your experiences or any advice for those considering it in the comments below!

For information regarding hiring an apprentice: https://www.gov.uk/employing-an-apprentice