In case you’ve not heard, our brand new Blue Circle Rapid Set Mortar is the best.

It’s a Portland cement-based mortar, which contains calcium aluminate to make it rapid in hardening and setting.

That’s just the science of it. But if you’re in plumbing, electrical, or general building, this could be the product for you.

lionel messi GIF by FC Barcelona

This mortar can be used to:

  • Fit drainage – because doing so would otherwise be a difficult and largely annoying job
  • Patch repairs – because we all need to patch up a job from time to time
  • Roof repairs – roofers, are you listening?
  • Setting manholes – a handy feature, because like repairs, it’s something loads will encounter in their career
  • Work under water table – again, very handy

There aren’t a lot of limitations, but generally we’d say not to use when the temperature drops below five degrees celsius.

Also, we’d advise you to place the product as soon as possible after mixing. Otherwise, it might set before you can get to it.

All in all, this is another top product. It’s definitely worth a look!

Why our new Rapid Set Mortar is brilliant