Firstly – an introduction! After years of brilliant, insightful blogging, Dr. Bill has hung up his keyboard and returned to his toolshed to happily DIY to his heart’s content.

With that said, I am now taking over blogging duties.  My name is Chris, I spend my time talking to customers and helping to communicate around Tarmac Cement’s extensive, innovative product range.

In this role, I have been particularly excited by our new product: the recently launched 12.5kg bag, half the size of the traditional 25kg bag. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? Well, our extensive research with builders show this really is going to be a game changer.

Of course, the main question is why should a smaller bag matter to your customers?

The bag is perfect as it has the exact amount for one mix of cement. Previously builders had to split a 25kg bag in half, with the other half often being wasted or spoilt. This other half is also often left lying around, meaning that cement dust gets into all sorts of unwanted places and ruining the back of a van.

This process is extremely wasteful for builders, with this extra half of the bag often becoming spoilt and wasted.

The smaller bag has a handle which makes it easier for builders to deal with, being easier to lift and work with. This saves hassle on a building site and is also a massive health and safety plus point.

Overall, this new bag saves money and is easier for the builder. The main challenges for merchants will be educating builders about this – old habits die hard. However there is a real opportunity here to engage builders with a product that will massively assist their work.

Why our new bag makes sense for big DIY projects