What are you best banter sayings on site?

At Blue Circle Cement products, we cut to the chase. We know you don’t have time to read rubbish introductory comments, so we’re jumping straight in. Here are some of the indsutry’s best sayings, in listicle style for an easy read.

1. “I wanted to become a painter, but my dad wanted me to get a trade, so I became an electrician.”
Poor painters cop a beating from every other trade out there. Use of the word ‘other’ in the last sentence, is controversial. But we love all tradesmen equally, so we’ll cut them some slack.

2. “God made pipefitters because plumbers need heroes to look up to.”
This is class. Plumbers make enough though, so they don’t need our sympathy.

3. “If I was a bit dumber, I’d be a plumber.”
Again with the insults on plumbers. Not nice, but hilarious nonetheless.

4. “Hack it to bits and hope it fits.”
How many chippies out there want to own up for this?

5. “Try your best and then grout the rest.”
We’ve all said this on a Friday afternoon when your mind is at the pub.

6. “Plasterer will go over that.”
Plasterers and painters fix chippies’ mistakes. True facts.

7. “It’ll look all right when the ceiling’s up.”
Class. Enough said.

8. “Look’s good from my house.”
Often said when really, it doesn’t look good from anyone’s house. An absolute staple of a tradesman’s vocabulary.

9. “We’re not making Swiss watches.”
Had a chuckle myself at this one. Don’t worry about the precision on it, just get it 75 per cent right and we’ll be having a laugh.

10. “That’s a Monday problem”.
Often said every Friday afternoon. You’ve worked hard all week and really, Monday is for worries.

11. “Fits like a glove, on a foot.”
Love it. Just bloody love it.

12. “If you can’t fix it with a hammer, it’s an electrical problem.” 
This is why the sparkies get paid the big bucks!

13. “It is what it is.”
Codeword for “I’ve buggered this”.

Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below!