You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that winter isn’t a great time to work outdoors. It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s largely just unpleasant.

Working with cement doesn’t have to be frustrating, though. We’ve pulled together some of the best tips around for dealing with the wintery weather when you’re working with cement, mortar or concrete.

During cold weather the chemical reaction slows to the extent that at five degrees celsius, the process almost stops and as it freezes it stops altogether. But Postcrete and Extra Rapid can be used down to three degrees. They’re made for the cold 😉

If the weather is below five degrees celsius, Tarmac recommends:

  • Keep formwork in place longer
  • Cover the concrete
  • Consider not carrying out work

Above all – read the instructions on the bag.

*Information gathered from Tarmac Cement’s Cold Weather Practice Guide.

How to use cement in winter weather