A recent survey found that plumbers and gas engineers only take around 18 days of holiday per year, whereas the average UK full-time worker receive a mandatory 28 days of holiday per year.

A main factor for tradespeople cutting their holidays short was their busy schedule, with 39% of electricians and 30% of gas engineers and plumbers stating this. With many tradespeople self-employed or looking to take those initial steps to becoming their own boss it’s no surprise that tradespeople are skipping their holidays to focus on their growing their business.

Another common reason for missing out on the holidays was cost barriers, with 39% of gas engineers/ plumbers and approximately a third of builders, carpenters and electricians seeing it as a worry.

Tradespeople are notoriously known for their hard work and grafting at all hours, even on the weekend. However, limiting holidays because of a busy work schedule and cost barriers can have a detrimental effect on mental health, something which 49% of ‘general tradespeople’ and 45% of gas engineers/ plumbers agreeing with this. Even taking a day away from the tools to switch off can have huge positive impacts on mental health and overall wellbeing, something which should not be overlooked.

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Source; Heating, Ventilating & Plumbing

Tradespeople taking below the national average of holidays per year, survey finds