Blue Circle Mastercrete

Supplied in weather resistant plastic packaging, Mastercrete is an enhanced Portland- limestone cement conforming fully to BS EN 197-1 CEM II/A-L (or LL) 32,5R.

Blue Circle Postcrete

A ready-to-use blend of selected sand, cement and additives formulated for fixing wooden, concrete and metal posts.

Blue Circle Snowcrete

White Portland cement that provides attractive and durable visual concrete, rendering and mortar in cast stone, architectural concrete, paving slabs, street furniture and terrazzo applications.

Blue Circle Slablayer

Slablayer is a cement based material containing specially selected sand and cement for use under patio paving slabs.

Blue Circle Quickset Concrete

Tarmac Quickset Concrete is a premixed, quick-setting concrete manufactured from cement, specially selected sand and admixtures. When sprinkled with water it sets in approximately 30 minutes.

Blue Circle Quality Assured Mortar

Quality Assured Mortar is a ready to use, with the addition of water, quality assured mortar. Comprising cement, specially graded sand, lime and admixtures.

Blue Circle Multi-Purpose Concrete

Multi-Purpose Concrete is a premixed concrete manufactured from cement and specially selected and graded sand, and 10 mm coarse aggregate.

Blue Circle Procem

Procem is a general purpose packed Portland Cement that complies with the requirements of BS EN 197-1 CEM I 52,5N.

Blue Circle Sulfacrete

Sulfacrete is a Portland-fly ash cement with a high sulfate resistance and a moderate heat of hydration conforming to BS EN 197-1 CEM II/B-V 42,5N.

Blue Circle Hydralime

A high calcium, non hydraulic, hydrated lime which conforms to the requirements of BS EN 459-1 ‘Building Lime’.