DIY projects are great fun once you get into them, but overcoming that initial inertia (or ‘activation energy’ if we think about chemical equations), is often a stumbling block.

There is currently an ad on the TV featuring the ‘Museum of Procrastination’ and including such items as unfinished novels, unused gym membership and un-played musical instruments. Perhaps there should also be a section on DIY projects that never got off the ground!

Why do we (or at least some of us) have difficulty starting a project, what temptations divert us away from the true course of DIY?

The main reason is probably the weather; sitting in a warm room looking out at a damp, grey garden is probably guaranteed to dissipate any strong feelings about the need to get out there and start work. ‘Let’s wait until the weather gets better’ or ‘Wait until after the clocks change’ are often heard reasons for staying indoors.

Another reason is the competing attraction of a summer holiday during the peak DIY season (surely, that Patio will last another year, let’s go to Barbados). The Easter weekend is traditionally the starting point for many DIY projects, but it’s really early this year and the weather is projected to be less than optimal (management speak for ‘bad’) so the seasonal rush of people into the builder’s merchants and DIY stores may not be quite as manic as usual. Judging by the predictions of traffic jams, overcrowded trains and chaotic airports, many of us are going to take the early holiday option this year

So what can be done? How about the shock and awe approach!

Get all the pre-planning sorted, make sure you have the materials to hand at that your tools are clean, then when you wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep, grab a coffee and get out there and get started before you have time to weigh up all the competing options.

Do not give the ‘Great Procrastinator’ time to get into your head: up and at ‘em!

The Great Procrastinator