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Throughout the UK, land that is unsuitable for construction represents a vast wasted resource. Soil that is too wet, too cohesive, too weak, or contaminated by dangerous pollutants is rendered useless for the building and infrastructure projects on which UK prosperity depends.

Our products and knowledge bring cost effective soil stabilisation solutions for the remediation of former industrial and contaminated sites, reducing the need to build in Greenfield locations.

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Soil Stabilisation


Cement and lime-based solutions now play an increasingly important part in geotechnical engineering – the branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behaviour of earth materials. Tarmac Cement and Lime-based solutions – including our iconic Blue Circle branded products – bring savings in time and cost, reduce waste and environmental impacts, improve soil quality and stability, and obviate landfill tax.

Tarmac has nationwide coverage and a logistics network that can supply the right products to the required project locations. Our customers can expect a service that includes flexibility in delivery times, night time deliveries, and storage solutions such as mobile silos.

Here at Tarmac Cement we strive to offer our customers unrivalled technical support and most of our cement sales team hold the ICT Diploma in Concrete Technology and are qualified to the highest level of certification from the Institute of Concrete. Furthermore, we are actively engaged with key bodies such as the Concrete Society and MPA.

In addition to our range of Blue Circle cements, Tarmac is the UK’s largest producer of Lime products, which play an equally important role in geotechnical engineering projects. All lime products can be sourced nationwide through technically trained sales contacts.

Blue Circle Ferrocrete

A finely-ground Portland cement with reduced setting time and high early strength, facilitating early demoulding and handling. Ideal for precast piling.

Blue Circle Microcem®

A range of high-fineness cements with good early and high ultimate strength, formulated for a range of geotechnical applications, including repair, grouts screeds, injection, and sulfate resistance.

Blue Circle Ground Granulated
Blastfurnace Slag

A cementitious addition, typically mixed with CEM I cements at 20-50%. In concrete, reduces risk of early-age thermal cracking and resists attack in sulfate conditions.

Blue Circle Portland Cement

Consistent strength conforming to BS EN1971. Good early strength and compatible with admixtures. Suitable for soil stabilisation, sprayed concrete, piling, diaphragm walls.

Blue Circle Phoenix Portland
Fly Ash Cement

Factory-produced, typically containing 27% fly ash. Moderately low heat, a more cohesive mix and lower embodied CO2. More sustainable, less risk of early age thermal cracking, resists attack in chemically aggressive ground conditions, improved surface finish, and excellent pumpability. Use for deep foundations, in situ and precast piling, diaphragm walls.

Blue Circle Fly Ash N

A quality assured fl y ash suitable for use in combination with Portland cement (CEM I) in concrete. Particular benefits include minimising risk of ASR, reduced risk of early-age thermal cracking, use in sulfate conditions, aggressive ground, and where there is exposure to chlorides.

Tarmac Limbase products

Tarmac Limbase comprises a specially formulated range of quicklime products of high and consistent purity. Limbase quicklimes provide a comprehensive selection of reactivity and particle size distributions to suit all types of soil treatment. From coarse granular for very wet conditions, to powder grades for standard site conditions.

“The service from Tarmac from initial quotes to product delivery was exemplary. The products performed technically as expected and throughout the contract the deliveries were on time and Tarmac were flexible with changed or late orders. I would recommend using Tarmac Cement and Lime for soil stabilisation”

— Steve Dunn, Director, Geofirma Ltd.

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With over 30 years of experience in researching and developing soil stabilisation, Tarmac Cement and Lime can offer expert advice on the selection of the most appropriate grade of lime for any application with full product details and specifications.

Our soil stabilisation products have been proven on major projects including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, Stratford Box Station and numerous retail and industrial parks across the UK.

We work closely with customers from the outset of each project, providing unrivalled logistic capabilities alongside ongoing technical information and support.

Tarmac Cement and Lime soil stabilisation solutions have benefitted major infrastructure projects such as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Download Tarmac's guide to Soil Stabilisation