Slablayer helps first-time paver reap rewards of summer

A PATIO built with the help of Blue Circle Slablayer has revolutionised summer life for Eastleigh man Mike Foster.

Mr Foster had a side extension added to his home which created a plethora of free space due to the demolition of a garage in his back garden.

The result – a slick patio setting with slabs bound by Slablayer – means Mr Foster and his wife can entertain friends without the embarrassment which prevented them doing so before.

“Now it’s finally completed, I have a happy wife,” he said.

“With the current good weather we are having we are out there most evenings.

“Before it was a bit unfinished and we were too embarrassed to have people over.”

Mr Foster said he was initially reluctant to lay the patio but hasn’t looked back since.

A self-described DIY enthusiast, Mr Foster revealed he built two areas of composite decking prior to laying the slabs with his brother-in-law’s assistance.

“I’ve never laid a patio before and wasn’t that confident,” he revealed.

“Over year went by, and with lots of persuasion from my wife and so I decided to give it a go. I did some research on product and how to do it and the Blue Circle Slablayer product looked easy enough that even I could do it.

“I think having done it once I’d definitely have the confidence to lay slabs again, using Blue Circle Slablayer.”