NEW statistics have revealed the United Kingdom’s tradespeople are the most safety aware in Europe.

Over 100 tradespeople from the UK were surveyed, with 824 participants across Europe in total.

English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish plumbers and other tradespeople were surveyed while those from eight other European countries – including Germany, France, Spain and Italy – were quizzed.

The results found that 56 per cent of the UK tradespeople said that they stopped work several times a day or even more frequently to meet health and safety requirements. This contrasted with 44 per cent who never or rarely stopped work to meet safety standards.

The survey also revealed 28 per cent of respondents spent between 10 to 20 minutes to ensure they were complying with regulations.

Surprisingly, 19 per cent said they allocated more than 20 minutes each day to comply with health and safety standards. Top job!

Thirteen per cent were under five minutes, 24 per cent between five to 10 minutes.

When asked about where protection was needed most, 47 per cent of tradespeople said when grinding metal. This was followed by drilling concrete (24 per cent) and sawing wood (23 per cent) while other clocked in with seven per cent.

What do you think of health and safety in the workplace? Do tradesmen take it seriously enough?

Tarmac considers health and safety among its most vital priorities.

Source: UK tradespeople the most health and safety conscious

Safety a top priority for United Kingdom’s tradesmen