Blue Circle Sulfacrete

A low alkali cement with a high sulfate resistance and a moderate heat of hydration.

• Reduces damage to concrete, mortar and grout exposed to sulfate attack.

• Minimises the risk of alkali silica reaction.

• Reduces the thermally-induced stresses in large concrete pours.

Available in 25 kg bags throughout the UK.

Reduce Sulfate Attack

Reducing damage to concrete, mortar and grout exposed to sulfate attack and minimising the risk of alkali silica reaction.

Thermal Stress

Reducing the thermally-induced stresses in large pours.

Aggressive Environment

Suitable for concrete exposed to the marine environment.

Projects & Applications


Brownfield SitesConcretingMortar Jointing & PointingRepairing Chimneys

Technical Information

Portland-fly ash cement with special sulfate-resisting properties for use in all sulfate conditions (except DC-4m), as defined in Building Research Establishment Special Digest 1: 2005 and BS 8500: Concrete – Complementary British Standard to BS EN 206-1.

Equivalent sulfate resistance to BS 4027 SRPC.

Reduced alkali (declared mean equivalent Na2O not exceeding 0.6%).

Reduced water demand.

Slower early age strength development than Portland cement (CEM I).

Better resistance to chloride ingress than Portland cement (CEM I).

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Blue Circle Cement
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