Blue Circle Multi-Purpose Concrete

Ready to use, with just the addition of clean water, Tarmac Multi-purpose Concrete is a premixed concrete manufactured from cement, specially selected and graded sand and 10mm coarse aggregates.

Suitable for most small concrete jobs including paths, steps, floors, bedding in drains and manhole covers and foundations for paving slabs.

Available in either large weatherproof, tear resistant plastic packaging or handy 5kg plastic re-sealable tubs for smaller jobs.


Tarmac Multi-Purpose Concrete is suitable for most small concrete jobs. It is premixed and only requires the addition of clean water.


This product is manufactured to a third party accredited BS EN 9001 Quality Management System.

Projects & Applications


Bedding ManholesConcretingDrivewaySteps

Technical Information

Available in large weatherproof, tear resistant plastic bags and 5kg tubs.


Tarmac MULTI-PURPOSE CONCRETE is a cementbased material and should be handled and stored with care. Unopened bags can be stored in either outdoor or indoor conditions. Open bags should be stored in dry cool conditions protected from wind. Information on the maximum storage period (shelf life) of the product is shown on the bag. Normal manual handling procedures (Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992) should be followed when unloading or moving bags.


MULTI-PURPOSE CONCRETE contains cement; contact between cement and body fluids may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns. For further information, including control of soluble hexavalent chromium, refer to the appropriate Tarmac Cement Health and Safety Information Sheet.