Blue Circle Mastercrete

An enhanced Portland-limestone cement, for general purpose work, with improved resistance to freeze/thaw attack, lower water demand than ordinary Portland cement and offers a more cohesive mix.

Mastercrete is suitable for use in concretes, mortars, renders and screeds.

Available in 25kg and 12.5kg weatherproof, tear resistant plastic packaging.


Enhanced resistance to freeze/thaw attack.

Water demand

A lower water demand

Cohesive mix

A more cohesive mix

Less water bleed

Less tendency for water to segregate and bleed

Projects & Applications


ConcretingFloor ScreedsMortar Jointing & PointingRenderingRepairing Rendering/Screeds

Technical Information

Contains cement quality improver to give the following benefits compared with ordinary Portland cement: lower water demand, more cohesive mix, less tendency for water to segregate and bleed and enhanced resistance of hardened concrete or mortar to freeze/thaw attack.

Mastercrete entrains a controlled quality of air and the addition of admixture of the air-entraining type is unnecessary and not recommended for concrete. In mortar and rendering, the addition of proprietary air-entraining mortar plasticiser is either unnecessary or the manufacturer’s recommended dosage significantly reduced dependant upon the sand used. Other proprietary admixtures of the non air-entraining type and pigments are compatible with Mastercrete. Trial mixes are recommended to determine optimum mix proportions.

Storage & Shelf Life
Mastercrete has a 155 date usable window from the date of packing clearly printed on the bag where the Soluble Chromium VI will be less than the legal limit. Please see our material safety datasheet for more information. Mastercrete can be stored outside in all weather conditions thanks to our revolutionary plastic packaging.

Conditions of Use
Please see our ‘Builders Guide

Health & Safety
Contact between cement powder and bodily fluids (e.g. sweat and eye fluids) may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns. Cement is classified as an irritant under the chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging) regulations.

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