Limelite Natural Hydraulic Lime

Tarmac Limelite is a range of Natural Hydraulic Limes conforming to EN 459-1. We offer the following products:

Limelite NHL 3,5: A moderately hydraulic lime suitable for general-purpose use for mortar/pointing/rendering of most masonry types

Limelite NHL 5: An eminently hydraulic lime suitable for use in masonry pointing, capping, foundations, seal defences and new build construction

Our products contain no additives, mineral additions or Portland cement and are quality assured to EN 459-1: Natural Hydraulic Limes with independent third-party certification. They also carry a CE Mark.


Enhanced resistance to freeze/thaw attack.

Water demand

A lower water demand

Cohesive mix

A more cohesive mix

Less water bleed

Less tendency for water to segregate and bleed

Projects & Applications


Mortar Jointing & PointingNatural Hydraulic LimeRendering

Technical Information


Sand for lime mortars and renders should be sharp sand, clean and well graded, free of clay or silt. Building (soft) sands, or sands containing clay and silt, can cause excessive shrinkage. Water – Mixing water should be clean and potable. Adding too much water should be avoided as it leads to a reduced strength and an open structure susceptible to frost attack. Batching – Mortars and renders containing natural hydraulic lime should always be batched by volume using batch boxes. Mixing – Sufficient mixing is required to ensure that the lime is uniformly dispersed throughout the mortar or render. Mechanical mixing is preferred and mixing times should be significantly longer than for cement-based mortar. The workability of the mortar improves with increased mixing time (however, avoid over mixing in hot weather). Allowing the mortar to stand in the mixer drum for a short period of time (10-15 mins), before a final remixing will also improve workability.


Many proprietary admixtures (especially air-entraining admixtures) can be used successfully in natural hydraulic lime mortars. However, attention should be paid to the admixture manufacturers instructions and trial mixes are always recommended. The use of proprietary admixtures with natural hydraulic lime is not usually necessary as the workability and frost resistance of mortars or renders based on natural hydraulic lime is usually adequate for most applications. In certain circumstances however, the addition of materials such as pozzolans or ground blastfurnace slag may be used to increase the mortar strength. Trial mixes are always recommended.


Natural Hydraulic Lime should be stored in unopened bags clear of the ground in cool dry conditions and should be stacked in a safe and stable manner. Information on the maximum storage period can be found on the bag.


Contact between natural hydraulic lime and body fluids (eg, sweat and eye fluids) may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns. Natural hydraulic lime releases alkali when mixed with water, and the use of protective goggles, gloves and clothing during batching, mixing and application is recommended.

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