Customers and tradesmen will find it easier to add up how much of a Blue Circle Cement product is needed to finish a job thanks to a brand new online product calculator.

A spokesperson for Blue Circle Cement products said the new calculator would make the mathematics of both trade and DIY simpler.

“No matter what job you are looking at the calculator is aiming to ease the process,” she said.

“However, customers still can call our tech line on 08458 126 232 for advice on products and the job at hand.

“There’s lots of new features – for example, the Natural Hydraulic Lime calculator is now also available as a drop-down choice based on the application.”

The modern calculator interacts with the user, providing information from the Blue Circle Cement frequently asked questions page along with several other features (see below).

For smaller areas, the calculator now gives smaller package volume where available. 

Blue Circle Cement products has also added a choice of bricklaying and repointing for mortar.

The bricklaying option calculates the number of bags and bricks needed for an area. Repointing option gives the number of meters covered with one bag and gives advice for the depth of repointing.

The updated calculator also fixed a common misconception that Slablayer doesn’t require mortar between joints.

The calculator also now includes information about how much water is required for Postcrete jobs.

Product calculator to make life easy for tradesmen