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Portland Limestone Cement

Portland composite cement
CEM II/A-LL 42,5/52,5

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Portland Limestone Cement

Contains a controlled level of high purity limestone. Conforms to the requirements of BS EN197-1 for CEM II/A-LL and contains 6-20% limestone.

Portland Limestone Cement is quality assured with independent third party certification carrying CE Marking.

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Technical Information

Portland Limestone cement is available in bulk tankers throughout the United Kingdom.


The properties of fresh concrete made with Portland Limestone Cement are similar to those of a Bulk Portland CEM I concrete, although the setting time may be slightly shortened and the tendency to bleeding significantly reduced.

Portland Limestone Cement has a paler colour, and is therefore especially suitable for decorative and architectural concrete.

The appropriate cement content for concrete of a given 28 day cube strength and slump should be determined from trial mixes.

The cement content may differ from that of an equivalent Portland cement (CEM I) concrete in certain circumstances. In particular, where a high strength concrete is required, the cement content may be slightly higher than for CEM.

At the same concrete strength, Portland Limestone Cement concrete has similar performance to CEMI concrete in respect of carbonation rate, chloride ingress and resistance to freezing and thawing (both air-entrained and non air-entrained concrete).

Conditions for use:

- Concrete, mortars and grouts containing Portland Cements must be specified and used correctly for best performance.

- Portland Limestone cement should not be mixed with additions or other cement types.

- The cement content must be correct and the water: cement ration as low as possible consistent with satisfactory placing, thorough compaction and effective curing.

- The final finish quality of this material will depend upon the operative having the required skills and a familiarisation with the materials and its application methods.

- Tarmac cannot be held responsible where workmanship has not been carried out in accordance with good practice.

- Portland Limestone cement is manufactured from natural products, and slight shade variations may occur. Portland Limestone cement will also have shade variations from differing manufacturing centres.

Embodied CO2

Embodied CO2 is around 85% of a typical CEMI.

Appropriate for above ground construction

Concrete made with PLC is appropriate for above ground construction and can generally be used where Portland (CEMI) concrete would be used.

Quality Assured

Portland Limestone Cement is quality assured with independent third party certification carrying CE Marking.

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