When a young Lee Gregory started in the trade, his elders swore by Blue Circle cement products.

Now 46, a lot has changed. His loyalty to the Blue Circle brand, however, has not.

The Chesterfield plasterer and tiler swears by the iconic brand for any cement-based work.


“I’ve had my own business now for about 16 years,” Mr Gregory said.

“Most of the work I do is plastering and tiling but I do a lot of patios and with that I use a lot of sand and cement products.

“Rendering is another thing I do a bit of and that’s where (Blue Circle) comes in.”

The former Brighton tradesman said Blue Circle was the only cement he’d consider using as he trusted its quality.

“I don’t really know any different to be honest,” he said.

“I’ve used it since I was very young. The people who taught me used it.

“The only thing I prefer about it now is that it comes in plastic bags! It’s great stuff. It’s up there above the rest in my opinion.”


Plasterer and tiler relying on ‘The Reliable One’