Most trusted tradesmen names revealed

NEW research has unveiled the most trusted first names within Britain’s booming construction industry.

Research from The Boiler Guide suggests that certain names are more trusted  by customers than others when it comes to the building trade.

Builders or tradesmen named Nigel top 20-strong most trusted list with a 4.5 star rating out of five.

Those named Gary (4.94 stars) and Paul (4.91) were second and third respectively, while  Lee (4.90) and Michael or Mike (4.85) round out the top five.

The Boiler Guide trawled through over 13,000 tradesperson reviews to crown Nigel as the most trusted name in the building trade.
They extracted all the first names and calculated the average customer service rating out of five stars.

The full list is as follows:

Nigel (4.95)
Gary (4.94)
Paul (4.91)
Lee (4.90)
Michael/Mike (4.85)
Chris (4.83)
Steve (4.82)
Dave/David (4.81)
John (4.80)
Mark (4.75)
Richard (4.74)
Graeme (4.71)
Gareth (4.70)
Ralph (4.68)
Kelly (4.60)
Tom (4.49)
Liam (4.44)
Dom (4.00)
Maj (3.90)
Jack (3.78)

What are your thoughts? True or false? Where does your name fit in? Let us know in the comments!