Mastercrete the perfect partner for Cheshire tradesman

With the variety of work Ed Belfield takes on, it’s no surprise Mastercrete is the perfect partner to the Cheshire business owner.

Mr Belfield, who owns Congleton-based firm EJ Belfield, relies on Blue Circle Mastercrete to play a key role in new builds, indoor refurbishments, landscaping, drainage and extensions.

His team of five are well-versed with the ‘The Reliable One’, with Mr Belfield revealing they “have at least one bag of Blue Circle with them at all times”.

“We have it that way because you never know when you’ll need cement,” he said.

“It’s the only cement we would ever use. We like the plastic bags. We have contracted a few plumbers who have used the ready-mix tub products and we’re looking at them for ourselves too.

“We mix (Mastercrete) with sand to make a mortar mix for brickwork and we also do quite a bit of concreting.”

The firm are no strangers to hard work – often pushing through seven-day weeks to keep up with demand.

“In my team of five, I have a couple of labourers, an apprentice and my other main man, Lee,” Mr Belfield said.

“With one of our latest jobs, we went in Friday night, started and were out on Sunday.

“We like to get in, get the job done and get out because we have quite a workload. We work seven-day weeks and it’s usually me working through because the other guys like their weekends!”

Mr Belfield, who started as a bricklayer, said he loved the construction industry and didn’t regret his decision to take the plunge with an apprenticeship at 15 years old.

“I really enjoy the work. I hated school and wanted to get out into the industry,” he said.

“I work with decent lads and sometimes it’s hard and you say ‘why am I doing this’ but you love it and are passionate about your work.”