Despite the weather being less than encouraging, I still meet many people looking to brave the elements and take on a spot of DIY. But still I am hearing the same question over and over again: “Where does one find the time for DIY?”

When we are talking about DIY tasks outside, the weather obviously  has a big influence. As we go into spring, the days lengthen (and it generally gets warmer) which means that the chances of getting in a bit of DIY in the time between getting home from a hard day’s work and dusk improves. Try breaking down bigger tasks into a series of smaller elements that can be undertaken in a short time, but which together will deliver the final result. You don’t have to complete a job in one concerted period of effort.

The upcoming (well, just on the horizon!) Easter holiday weekend is traditionally the start of the ‘real’ outdoor DIY season and most builders merchants tend to increase their stocks of key materials and tools in anticipation. Pre-planning and a little ‘give and take’ with the rest of the family should maximise the chances of getting down to work (weather permitting). Getting the children involved (remembering however, the health warnings summarised in my ‘Family DIY’ blog last spring), may also be possible and could win a few brownie points by giving your other half a bit of a break.

Summer, and its long balmy evenings, is when you would expect to maximise DIY effort. Do you need a new patio or purpose built barbecue? If so, you will probably get support from all the family to get on with this type of project, even if you do not participate in all the planned summer activities. You may have to make a few promises about events and trips later on in the year, but outdoor DIY is a seasonal thing, and absence in one season can be counterbalanced by ‘being there’ in another.

DIY is one of those things that where there is a will there is a way. Remember, it is easier to find the time now and we approach longer nights and more favourable weather!

Making Time for DIY