LET’S solve a common myth – cement is not the same as concrete.

Comparing the two would be like comparing flour to a complete cake.

We’ve asked expert and Blue Circle Cement’s own Dr Bill Price for a
low down on the key differences.

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“Cement is a powder and is the ‘glue’ that holds concrete together,”
Dr Price said.
“Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand and aggregate (stone) with water.

“Without the aggregate, (cement and sand mixture) is called mortar.”

Dr Price said both concrete and mortar were versatile materials.

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Concrete’s popularity as a design material is booming among interior

“Concrete is strong, durable and can be cast in moulds of various
shapes,” Dr Price said.

Although it’s a less creative material – mortar’s role in the scheme
of construction is equally as important.

“It’s used for either holding bricks together to make walls or for
rendering surfaces to improve the appearance.”

VERDICT: Cement is an ingredient of concrete. They are not the same entity or material.

Is cement the same as concrete?