Roofers have claimed the top spot for highest earning trade per person, a survey by Simply Business has found.

Counter to popular belief Electricians didn’t nab the top spot or even second place for that matter, instead taking third position with an average income of £47,385 per person. Roofers who came top of the list on average are making £65,213 and in second place was Joiners who were pulling in £56,386 annually.

Don’t be despaired if you’re a painter or thinking of going into the trade as they have seen the biggest income growth. The number of painters earning over £100,000 or more has grown by more than 60 per cent since 2015.

Trade Average turnover per person
Roofer £65,213
Joiner £56,386
Electrician £47,385
Bricklayer £43,107
Carpenter £36,966
Plasterer £33,920
Painter £28,604


Location, location, location

Earnings varied depending on location, but there was one clear leader – Scotland. Edinburgh and in particular Glasgow were proving to earn trades the big bucks, roofers in Glasgow earn an average £103,853 in turnover – 148 per cent more than their counterparts in Leeds. Glasgow is also a booming city for painters, they’re earning more than electricians do in Manchester!

Maybe roofers are the new sparkies onsite?

Trade City with the highest average turnover
Carpenter Sheffield
Bricklayer Southampton
Electrician Edinburgh
Joiner Bristol
Painter Glasgow
Plasterer Birmingham
Roofer Glasgow

The good news is that over the past three years tradespeople are seeing an increase in their wages and those earning over £100,000 or more has grown by more than 60 per cent since 2015.

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Research conducted by Simply Business.

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