The traditional British cold weather snap has hit us. We’re freezing. You’re freezing. We’re all freezing. Spare a thought for the tradespeople on site – dealing with a dodgy loo, ice-cold wind and juggling high quality work with keeping customers happy.
You’re probably too busy to think about this, so we’ve done the thinking for you. Here’s how to beat the cold weather and to survive through to the bearable temperatures.

1. Get a quality kit

There’s heaps on the market. Milwaukee Tools and Workwear has these sweet little jackets that look to be the absolute best. Brickies use gloves often but they’re well worth the investment because frozen fingers aren’t great. Hit up Screwfix, Arco, Snickers, Scruffs, Trojan and probably a thousand others to find yourself a good quality kit and you won’t regret it. Well worth the financial outlay.

2. Listen to your body

Believe it or not, you’ll dehydrate faster in the cold. It’s well important to keep up your fluids and to eat more high-calorie foods (fats and carbohydrates) to ensure you’re up with the game. Medically speaking, your body uses nutrients to stay warmer in freezing temperatures. So make sure you’ve got a bacon sandwich on hand or you’ve scoped out a decent chippy in the vicinity of the site you’re on.

3. Consider different products and how tools will behave

We always find those using cement can be battling against the elements in colder weather, particularly in Britain where unpredictable rain is part and parcel of life. Consider products like Blue Circle’s Extra Rapid Cement as it sets faster than standard cement. Be mindful of moisture in your toolbox as well – things like silica gel and even charcoal can be a cheap moisture-sucking option. Things like measuring tapes and other similar products are susceptible to rust so it’s worth investing in quality and keeping it dry to stay out of trouble.

4. Make sure your van is ready

Test the battery, check the windscreen wipers, check your oil and engine coolant and invest in decent tyres. Also, if you’re an ‘accountant’ with a hundred receipts on the dashboard… Well, carry on.

Now you’re well equipped. Do you know any winter weather hacks on site? Let us know in the comments below.

Hacks for surviving cold weather on site