Farmer Gruffydd buzzing for Postcrete

GRUFFYDD Rees knows the importance of trust.

He grew up in Wales, watching his father use Blue Circle Cement products for DIY jobs, before heading off to university.

Since graduating, Mr Rees has plied his time as a bee farmer in the south of Wales. It’s a niche he’s been involved in since 2010.

Aside from honey, Mr Rees also devotes his time to nature as a countryside ranger. And like his father before him, Mr Rees calls on Blue Circle Cement products to aid many outdoor tasks.

The Welsh bee farmer relies on Postcrete to repair and construct fences and posts across his 15-acre farm and also in his part-time role as a ranger.


Mr Rees, from Brynbach in South Wales, said Postcrete’s simplicity was one of its best features.
“It bonds on to the metal well, which is good. You can use Postcrete, come back the next day and it’ll have stuck to the post (and set) really well,” he said.

“We use it to put gates in, and the positive is that you just need water to mix it in.

“A lot of the time the (project) will be half a mile down the road and not having to take stones and sand is great. You only need water.

“You can also leave the bags out because they’re waterproof. That’s good because we can leave them at a site overnight or for a few hours if needed.

“We leave the bags out for three or four days and find they haven’t been penetrated (by water) which is great.”