Family-run business deliver bespoke results with Blue Circle products

The family-run business has relied on Blue Circle products over the years to deliver high-quality projects.

Landscaper Peter Dyer trusts Blue Circle Mastercrete and Postcrete to carry out work including fencing and gates, decking and patios, and gardening.

Mr Dyer specialises in fencing and bespoke gates, relying on Blue Circle Postcrete on all of their jobs.

Mr Dyer commented: “From the very start I’ve only ever used Blue Circle products – they have never failed me. The strength of the bags is really impressive as they can be moved around on-site without the worry that they’ll easily tear.”

“We only ever use Blue Circle products as they are quick and easy to use. We always use the highest quality materials for our jobs, this includes making sure we use the best cement.” He said.

“It’s great knowing you have created a high-quality product for your customer,” he said.

The family-run business is never bored with the wide variety of work that comes their way.

“It helps that we offer a wide range of services as it keeps it interesting. With landscaping, there are new trends all the time and delivering work based on a client’s personal preference or style means no two jobs are the same.” Mr Dyer said.

“It’s great getting to work with our qualified team every day. Everyone always gives each other a hand during the busy periods!”

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