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Blends of fly ash (Pulverised Fuel Ash) and Portland cement

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EnviroceM general purpose grouts are blends of fly ash (Pulverised Fuel Ash) and Portland cement.

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Technical Information

EniviroceM is available nationwide, in 1 tonne bags.


EnviroceM grouts are manufactured to comply with specifications such as the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry, 7th Edition.

The fly ash used in the grouts complies with BS EN 450-1 (Latest Revision) Fly ash for Concrete.

Uses and Benefits:

The fly ash in EnviroceM General Purpose Grouts consists of hollow spheres of between one and 150 microns in size. These form a continuous grading that improves the rheological properties of the grout.

In addition, fly ash is a pozzolana and by reacting with the free lime released from the hydration of Portland cement it forms additional cementitious hydrates, resulting in a denser, less permeable grout.

Some key advantages include:

• Economical – increased volume
• Reduced water to solids ration
• Increasing compressive strength with time
• Reduced bleeding
• Increased yield
• Reduced shrinkage
• Reduced permeability
• Increased resistance to sulfate attack
• Improved flow properties

Increasing Compressive Strength

The slower but longer-term gain in strength of FA:PC grouts can be utilised beneficially and economically. Strengths up to 50N/mm2 can be obtained at 90 days and continues to increase with further time.

Reduced Permeability

The pozzolanic reaction that takes place between the FA and cement precipitates gel products, which act as a blocking mechanism within the capillary pore matrix of the grout.

Increased Resistance To Chemical Attack

The replacement of cement by FA in the grout results in the reduction of the level of tri-calcium aluminate which is susceptible to sulfate attack.

Reduced Bleeding

The addition of FA has a marked improvement on the stability of grout suspensions.

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