Construction company trust The Smooth One for consistency

The construction company, part of the Ocean Group housing association, work across Devon and Cornwall. Their latest project of 21 houses in total, a mixture of shared ownership, open markets and properties for rent.

Mat Jones, Site Manager commented: “We have relied on Blue Circle’s Quality Assured Mortar largely for its consistency. The assured strength of using the mortar removes the human element of mixing products for the job, something which our warranty providers prefer. As the houses have natural finishes with the brickwork and the stone at the front, Blue Circle’s Quality Assured Mortar provides a coherent colour throughout which is essential for a high-quality end product”.

Mat continued: “The main deciding factors when purchasing the product was the continuity of the supply as we need a lot of it on hand to complete our projects within given time frames.”

Blue Circle are Gilbert and Goode’s brand of choice as they’ve also utilised Mastercrete Cement and Postcrete on this project.