Wanting to take up an apprenticeship? Smart move. Aside from being good looking, well paid and all round legends (can you tell this was written by a building materials brand? 😉) tradespeople enjoy the ability to work for themselves at any stage of their career and life.

This is the first of the Blue Circle products’ series on trades – keep an eye out for more.

Average salary: £56,500



A forward-thinking, reliable and interested youngster is Mark McMullan’s ideal apprentice.

The Scottish builder, who owns and operates McMullan Landscapes and Building Maintenance, told the Blue Circle Products blog a desire to learn outweighed talent in the early stages of a building career.

“If I was looking to take on a young lad now, I’d like to see some enthusiasm for the job,” Mr McMullan said.

“There’s nothing worse than a boy who doesn’t want to be there or glued to their phone all day, someone who’s motivated and genuinely interested in what their doing and not afraid to get stuck in is what you’d be after.

“Everything else generally comes with experience, but it does help to be able to do basic maths and read a tape measure, etc.

“You don’t have to be Einstein though.”

Mr McMullan said an ability to survey a scene and to take initiative while completing an apprentice was vital.

“A good forward thinker is also important, especially for an apprentice or labourer,” he said.

“It’s important to have an ability to see what’s going on and organise, so the man doing the job can lay his hand seamlessly on what ever tool or materials he or she requires next.

“Jobs go a lot smoother when everyone knows there job and works well together.”



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