Concrete is everywhere we look. You stumble on a concrete footpath after a night at the pub. You climb up concrete stairs as you line up to watch your football club in action. You use concrete, as one of the most durable building materials in the world, as the foundation for home projects.

But a new era is emerging. Concrete is trendy and interior designers are using cement-based products in the home.
We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the most revolutionary ideas to inspire your next project!



Bathrooms are proving popular for concrete and cement-based design. Architects and tradesmen are using concrete as an alternative to floor tiles (see picture one) and while heavy, is becoming more popular as a benchtop design. If you’re considering using cement-based products in your house, make sure you consult an expert – they require special care and installation!




Concrete’s reputation as a sturdy, solid building material used to construct enormous buildings and infrastructure doesn’t mean it isn’t flexible enough to deal with the small stuff. Pinterest users are going nuts with ornaments like candle holders (concrete is quite fire resistant and therefore works beautifully for such items), vases (see the cement-based design blended with glass and steel in pictures two and three) and even ceramics (see the free-standing candle design). A bag of cement isn’t just for fixing a pole, or building a patio. Think big! Cement is a versatile ingredient and can achieve many things.



Concrete is as strong as any building material and it’s therefore no surprise that it’s widely used for benches and tables. Once a feature left solely for the garden, you can now find concrete creeping inside as people take part in the trend. It combines so visually well with wood and greenery and conforms with a number of style trends.

Use these posts as #inspo, but be sure to follow instructions or consult an expert or tradesman before jumping in.

What cement-based products have you used around your home? Let us know in the comments below.


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