A Concrete Choice for Landscaping

Concrete offers builders and landscapers the flexibility to create an inexpensive wide range of elements for an outdoor space which unlike other features, requires minimal upkeep. From walls, planters and brick barbecues to paths and board-marked walls, the material can create an outdoor space which is both practical and stylish. 

Outdoor living

The growing trend for extending the living space to the garden means landscapers and builders are always trying to stay ahead of their customer needs.

Concrete allows builders and landscapers to install furniture such as a table or worktop to allow homeowners maximise their outdoor living space. Not only are concrete furnitures stylish but they are also durable, unlike traditional garden furniture they are resistant to moisture, mould and insects. Fabric or wooden additions can be added to give a more soft finish to the concrete features.

For furniture such as tables, which are generally long, slender, thin beams, it’s vital to use a product with adequate workability and flexural strength such as Blue Circle High Strength concrete (40N) to prevent cracking, chipping and shrinkage.

Board marked walls

A concrete wall offers a durable, maintenance free and thermally retentive solution which will stand the test of time. One of the benefits of concrete is that it can be used in conjunction with other materials such as timber which adds news depths to its appearance. This can be in the form of using horizontal rough-board forms to shape and imprint the concrete with the grain of the wood.

Brick Barbecue

A barbecue is an essential additional to any patio for the summertime, however rusting is always an issue, a brick alternative avoids this issue and is an aesthetic feature to any garden.

Brick Barbecue built by Richie Maxwell

Straightforward to build, simply build a solid foundation, mark out the brickwork area and prepare a mortar to lay the bricks. Using a pre-bagged, ready to use mortar mix such as Blue Circle Quality Assured Mortar, simplifies the task even further, requiring only the addition of clean water.

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This has been written as some inspiration for homeowners or tradespeople. All of the above should be carried out by a professional following proper procedures for such work.